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We know that Happiness is the opposite of negativity. However, is it possible to counter anxiety and depression by increasing the level of Happiness in the mind? Researchers in the field of positive pyschology assumes this to be possible. Scientists have confirmed that cardio-coherence is lost during emotional stress but it becomes normal following a short session of rhythmic breathing. Simply attending to one's breath can shift the quality of one's mind! What are the practical considerations in tapping into the powers of the breath?

Learn about the easier way to recharge your happiness and to sink deeper into meditation. Attend the Happiness hour at the Art of Living center in Cupertino.

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We offer courses for children, teens and adults. We conduct weekly follow up sessions for our members. Orientation sessions are held for non-members on Saturdays and Sundays between 4pm-5pm at the center. RSVP to an orientation session and know about the services offered at the Art of Living center in Cupertino.